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Niacin: C4-C6 binary acid, dibasic acid, mixture succinic acid, glutaric acid and adipic acid.
Main Ingredients: succinic acid 23±3%, glutaric acid 45±5%, adipic acid 26±4%
Main Use:
1, Produce mixed binary acid dimethyester DBE. It is a kind of environment-friendly solvent with high boiling point widely used for coating.
2, Produce mixed dibasic acid diisobutylester, DIBA. It is used as vinylite plasticizer.
3, Produce good substitutes for mixed binary acid diisooctyl,DOA. It can be used as temperature depressing plasticizer for many kinds of resin.
4, Used in the separation of succinic acid, glutaric acid and oxalic acid. Pure products are used as important material for organic chemical.

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